Shadow Work

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What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work consists of reflecting on your subconscious’s repressed beliefs and perceptions and pushing through the resistance to work through the issues holding you back from better mental health and integrated life.

According to research by Carl Jung1, your shadow, otherwise known as your subconscious self, influences how you operate in the world and, in some cases, leaves you unaware of the deeper motives behind your actions or how you project yourself. Therefore, by facing your shadows, you gain power over them.

As you begin to understand your subconscious ego through shadow work, you can better overcome addictions and habits, and understand the root cause of your relational issues, among other things. 

The common purpose for shadow work are:

Exploring and understanding your past traumas

Identifying and overcoming your limiting beliefs

Examining patterns of behavior in your relationships

Once you’re able to identify how your shadow self is projecting itself into the world, you can surface the shame you feel about parts of your subconscious identity and go through the process of healing.

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